Meet Our Boats

  • Grouper Whisper CAPTAIN BRAD KENYON

    Capt. Brad Kenyon built this boat two years ago to make quick commercial trips. He chooses to fish with traditional (hand-crank) rod and reels. They usually make 1 to 3 day trips on the boat for quick dock-to-dock delivery. Our boats may not bring in enormous quantities of fish, but we know that quality over quantity is the best modo. These smaller, single-line fished boats are the best kind!

    Mary L. Captain Kirk Stewart

    Captain Kirk has been in the fishing business all his life. He is known to brave the weather conditions and bring in larger loads of grouper. The Mary L is a bandit fishing boat that typically stays out 5-8 days each trip. Kirk is a year-round grouper fisherman. You will find his boat on the menu at Rusty Bellies Waterfront Grill!

  • Johnny-O Captain John Stalides

    Johnny-O is one of the most experienced Grouper fisherman. He has been fishing (by himself) for over 45 years. John spends a week offshore fishing with bandit rigs. Even though he fishes by himself, he catches just as much if not more then some guys that have a full crew. Johnny-O is very loved around these docks!

    Capt. Eddie Captain Edward Potter

    Edward Potter is a third generation shrimper from Key West that resides in Tarpon Springs. He has been shrimping for over 35 years. Edward has a real passion for shrimping! 

  • Redman CAPTAIN Brandon Lindsey

    Brandon Lindsey is the nephew of owners Julie and Jack Russell. He has been around the fishing industry all his life. He has run the Redman for over 4 years and has also captained their Stone Crab boat. He spends 2-4 days offshore and uses electric reels. He catches the fish for the ever popular Redman Sandwich served at Rusty Bellies Waterfront Grill. 


    The Bite Me Too has been our main Stone Crab boat for several years. This has been a very tough fishery the past few years, but Mike keeps going. He is determined to provide Pelican Point Seafood with some of the best Stone Crab around. We are lucky to call his boat one of ours!

  • Long Gone Captain Ed Walker

    The F/V Long Gone is one of the fastest boats in the fleet. Ed runs 12-hour trips using only hand crank rod and reel methods. He also free-dive spearfishes for a variety of species. His fish are some of the freshest fish around!

    Julie Ann Captain John "Jack" Russell

    The Julie Ann is an 82ft. steel shrimp boat built by owner John "Jack" Russell. Jack retired from his job at Withlacoochee Electric to become a full time shrimper. He started by building this steel frame boat from the ground up which took 6 years. It was quite a master piece when he finished it in 2003. Currently, Jack shrimps full time to provide the market with delicious Gulf Pink Shrimp.

  • Teeha Marie Captain Pat Bennett

    Capt. Pat Bennett is known for catching a wide variety of fish especially Hogfish. He spends 2-3 days spearfishing; one of the most sustainable ways of fishing. Pat takes impeccable care of his fish to give the customers the experience as if they had caught the fish moments before it was cooked. Teeha Marie fish are surely in high demand!